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By beating Parana 2-0 in the twenty-fourth round, Santos managed to reach two important marks in both attack and defense. At the front, with two goals scored, Gabriel Barbosa, again worthy of the nickname of GabGol, took the lead of the table of scorers of the Brasileirão. Put the ball in the opponents’ net 12 times.In the defensive system, the team reached five matches – including also two matches of the Copa Libertadores of America – without being leaked. In the Brasileirão, the growth in the two sectors allowed a jump in the classification. After inhabiting the relegation zone, Peixe completed his participation in the twenty-fourth round in eighth place. He has 31 points (eight wins, seven draws and eight losses).
As it made a match less than most of its rivals, it can even ambition the seventh post, that is in the hands of Cruzeiro, who has 33 and an additional game. It seems to be, with 14 days to go, the maximum to be reached, since Grêmio, sixth place, accumulated 41 points in 24 rounds.
Thus, the Santista alvinegro would be the first candidate to inherit the vacancy in the Copa Libertadores of America of 2019. That of the G6 to grow in case of a Brazilian club to conquer the current edition of the continental tournament or a front squad team to take also the trophy of the Brazil Cup. It does this even in a serious political crisis. Its president, José Carlos Peres, suffers impeachment and may not turn the year in office.
The situation naturally hits the cast and crew, but Cuca is trying to play the boat on the eve of his first classic since taking office. It will be the first of three games the team will play at home in the next four games.

São Paulo

While the rival dreams of the Libertadores, the goal is-Pauline is much higher. The tricolor ambitions the national title. With 49 points (14 wins, seven draws and three losses), he shares the point with Internacional. He finishes in second place by losing in the goal balance. The difference between them, however, is minimal: 18 to 17. Thus, more than ever the mantra that in tournament of running points each game is a decision fits.
Ecuadorian defender Ariposa, who spent about two weeks away serving his friendly squad on the date that FIFA (International Football Federation) has established for that, has already restarted and should be available to coach Diego Aguirre for San-San.There is, however, doubt as to the possibility of taking advantage of right-back Bruno Peres. The athlete follows with pains in the adductor muscle of the right leg. It will still go through a new evaluation. However, the tendency is not to be released for the match. As Régis, who would be the main option for the position, is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards, the vacancy is left open. They appear as options Araruna, recovered from injury, Hudson or Liziero.
Left-back Reinaldo, who has been suspended for the third yellow card, should again be listed among the starters. The same can happen to the midfielder and striker Everton, who lost the last three matches due to muscle damage.
History of the matches between Santos and São Paulo
São Paulo has a 28-win advantage over Santos 24 times in the 62 times in which the San-San classic has been edited in the Brazilian Championship since 1971. Ties were recorded on ten occasions. In the first round of the current season, the tricolor scored 1-0.

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Cuca repeats, in Santos, his tradition of recovering teams even without much time to train. Fixed the defensive system and find solutions in the attack. São Paulo, despite having a tactical base mounted some time ago, can have a lot of difficulties, due to the lack of a right-back side. Just the sector where the fish attack is stronger. This makes the prognosis in the victory of the home owners the best choice for guess.

Bet Tips: Santos wins

Odds: 2.40