It’s hard not to be impressed by Sampdoria and what they achieved 11 matches in this year’s Series A. Perhaps it’s as simple as being underestimated, or are they just up among the clouds? The undersigned leans more to the former. There are plenty of qualities available.
What we want to come to; that the sixth place they are found on is totally deserved and possibly also correcting how strong one is, relative to competitors. If Sampdoria can reach Europe, it would be a scalpel model bigger.
Juventus iron-hard domination time in the Italian club football is over. Do not confuse that they are not a title candidate for it – they are the most, but competition is harder than it has been for the past six years. “The old lady” is the second in the table, just behind Naples, and in addition to that, Inter, Lazio and Roma keep the same straw with the champions.
If only the competitors have become better – they have! – or Juventus also got worse is hard to say. This year’s Champions League game indicates that it may be a bit worse – with the 0-3 loss against Barcelona and 1-1-tapped against Sporting CP in mind.
Positive message for the participating parties – as well as those who want to see an entertaining story – are that they both have the entire troops intact, harmless!

Won five out of five at home
Running against Sampdoria at Stadio Luigi Ferraris is a bit of a nightmare for any Serie A competitor.
It is only for the statistics to be clear evidence of this; five wins of five possible, including 2-0 against Milan. Of all, four have come with at least two bales’ margins, which underlines the winning mentality that has emerged at Sampdoria in the home theater.
That is why we are thinking that Juventus can face major concerns and that they are going to win is anything but written in stone. The form has been cautious with and against Benevento, who has not picked a single stick in the series, last one was close to falling – but 0-1 turned to 2-1 in the second half, at home.
Before that, there was 1-1 crossing against Sporting CP. Quite harmoniously, it does not seem to be in Juventus, which may also be a bit shaken by how hard this year’s competition is.


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