PREDICTION: Spartak Moscova – Nk Maribor 21-11-2017


Spartak Moscow
He occupies the 3rd position in the E Group Champions League standings, having 5 points after the first 4 games and a positive goal, with 8 goals scored and 5 received.
He comes after a defeat on the field of Fc Seviila, 2: 1, a defeat that is not necessarily one end of the world, taking into account the result recorded in Moscow between the two teams, 5: 1 for the hosts.
In the championship, it comes after two consecutive victories in the two teams in the Ufa and Fc Krasnodar championship, 3: 1 and 4: 1 respectively.
He is unbeaten on his own field in all three-month competitions, with 5 victories and 3 draws.
The Dutchman Quincy Promes is the most important player in this team, having impressive numbers this season, managing to score 13 times and give 8 decisive passes, having 2 successes in both chapters and the Champions League.

Nk Maribor
It is the code for Group E, having one point in this group, on the field, right in front of the opponent in this match, score 1: 1.
He has a disastrous goalie, the second worst in the current Champions League edition, after Anderlecht, with only one goal scored and no less than 14 received.
He comes after a defeat in Liverpool away from a non-show, 3: 0, in a match in which they managed to escape without a goal in the first half thanks to defending on 2 lines up to 35 -40 meters from your own gate.
He is the leader of the championship in Slovenia, being unbeaten this season, having 40 points after the first 16 stages.
It is a conscious team of own value that either loses or is required with only one result in the last 10 games in all competitions.

Direct meetings
The two teams met more than 2 months ago in Slovenia, Maribor managed to win the draw at the end of the match, in the 85th minute.

My tip for Spartak vs Maribor
This match may be Spartak Moscow’s last chance to join the Spring Champions League, an eventual failure (equal or defeat), teamed with a draw or a victory of the Liverpool team ahead of the Sevilla move, would mean almost automatically condemnation to the upper stages of the Europe League.
There is a clear difference in favor of all teams in this group against the Slovenian team Maribor, which can be seen both in the results and in the statistics of the four games played by the Slovenian team in this Champions League edition.
A victory at least 2 goals difference is the ideal scenario for the Russian team, which has a better goal than the Spanish team Sevilla, the team to meet Maribor in the final stage of the group stage.


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