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In that case, the return meeting in the qualification of the Europa League awaits and, for the part of the zoos, the starting point is least tough for match two against FC Mariupol. With urgency, the Stockholm team could bring 1-1 from the home meeting after a late receipt by Aliou Badji.

This makes Djurgården reach Ukraine and Odessa with the press to score goals on their shoulders. If nothing goes wrong, Djurgården’s adventure in Europe will be over for this time. Then it became just a match for the team, which then broke into the second qualifying round after the cup victory against Malmö FF earlier this year.

On site in Odessa – which is a luxury resort in the more quiet part of Ukraine where FC Mariupol does not really play home games – Djurgården will have thousands of supporters in the back. This is the first time in ten years as the team rages in the European qualifier, something that stimulated a very strong traveler. This is obviously an advantage for Djurgården.

Mariupol – Djurgarden Two teams without proper tip

In the first meeting at Tele2 Arena, the feeling was that Djurgården is actually a slightly better team, but without a really heavy attack weapon, the team is blunt too blunt. It also allows FC Mariupol to play with a bit of calm in the game, when the threat behind the back line was not really there.

At the same time, we know – not least when we study the backbone that Djurgården has – that the absolute strength of the Stockholmers lies in the defensive. This is a factor that has been reinforced, in particular, by the fact that Erik Johansson now represents bleeding.

The feeling of returning is that no team is likely to risk anything unnecessarily and unless we see an early target, we will probably see a goal-long story.

Football Betting Tips Europa League Mariupol – Djurgarden  Under 2.5 goals,


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