Liverpool vs Napoli UEFA Champions League 11/12


Liverpool vs Napoli Champions League

The teams are in Group C, which has its two spots still in play. Napoli, with nine points (two wins and three draws), leads. Paris Saint-Germain, who will face the Red Star in Serbia at the same time, is in second place with eight wins (two wins, two draws and a loss). The Reds appear in third place with six points (two wins and three losses).Only the Serbs are out of this fight. With four points (one win, one draw and three defeats) they can only aim for third place, leading to the Europa League in the second half of the season. If you can’t watch this live event please join for match highlights !


Reds only depend on their result to get the rank. If they score 1 to 0, they will be ranked. That’s because they will match Napoli in scoring; in the direct confrontation (they lost the first game by 1 to 0), that is the first criterion of tie-breaker; in the goal balance (two), the second tiebreaker criterion; but they would win in the highest number of goals scored (nine to seven), which is the third tiebreaker.However, if the Neapolitans can make a goal, Liverpool will have to make a difference of at least two goals to get one of the first two positions of the key without needing to hope for Paris Saint-Germain defeat.The team led by German Jurgen Klopp is packed for taking over the leadership of the Premier League on Saturday, December 8. It reached the top by defeating, by 4 to 0, outside of house, the Bournemouth.
He reached 42 points (13 wins and three draws). He overcame Manchester City, who lost to Chelsea 2-0, and is now the only undefeated Premier League. At home, the team won six games and drew once with 15 goals scored and only one conceded.For the duel with the Italians, Klopp is expected to link the Senegalese striker Sadio Mané back into the starting lineup. In the process of recovering from a leg injury, he was on the bench against Bournemouth and only participated in the last 26 minutes. Has shown that it is in good condition.Thus, his only limitations for the confrontation continue being defenders Nathaniel Clyne, Joe Gomez and Dejan Lovren; and striker Dominic Solanke, who follow the care of the medical department.
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Napoli started the European Champion Clubs’ Cup as an ugly duckling. It was considered zebra in a group in which Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool were considered favorites favorites to the classification. Come to the final round in the lead. However, if you do not score, you will probably have to settle for the Europa League dispute. That will not happen unless Paris Saint-Germain loses to the Red Star in Serbia.Scoring, however, has not been a problem for the team led by experienced coach Carlo Ancellotti. Napoli struck on Saturday, December 8, when they defeated Frosinone 4-0 at home in a showdown for the fifteenth round of the Italian Championship, their twelfth unbeaten game (12 wins and four draws).In Series A, it occupies second place. He has 35 points (11 wins, two draws and two losses). They are eight behind Juventus, the leader. But he is in a comfortable position in relation to the run for the runners-up, which seems to be the maximum goal to be achieved in the Italian Championship. It has six of front in the comparison with the Internazionale, third placed.Ancelotti has all his main players available for the confrontation on Tuesday. In the medical department follow only midfielder Simone Verdi and defender Vlad Chiriches, who can not be considered starters.

Football Prediction of the Day Liverpool vs Napoli

Before Napoli’s 1-0 win at home in the first round of the 2018/2019 group stage of the Champions League, the teams had three matches. Two were officers. Valued by UCL version 2010/2011, also in its initial phase. In the first game in Naples, the teams were 0-0. In the second, in Liverpool, the reds scored 3-1. Already in the current season, they made a friendly that was defeated by the English by 5 to 0.
Although Napoli are producing above-expectation results, Liverpool have great advantage in their domains of the season and so the prognosis in their win is best suited for Tuesday’s fixture of the last round of the league’s qualifying round of the Champions of Europe.

Bet Tips: Liverpool

Odds: 1.61



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