Australia is aiming to secure the World Cup ticket when Honduras comes to visit during Wednesday. Note that the match starts at 10:00 Swedish time. The first meeting between the teams stopped speechlessly, an event that was purely game dominated by the Australians. The stages were created in a number of ways, but the focus was lacking in front of the goal. Perhaps it was the absence of Tim Cahill who hedged the effectiveness in front of goals. Must, however, highlight Honduras that really got into the defense. A similar match image is to wait in this return meeting, and I expect a lot of Australian forgery.
According to recent reports, Tim Cahill should be fit for fight, which is a giant plus. A very keen player for this Australia, not least from an offensive perspective. 50 goals in 103 played national matches say the most. Cahill’s attendance will definitely raise the morale of the squad, and probably the Australians should have the right chance to switch and decide this double meeting in Sydney, thus securing the nation’s fourth straight world championship.
A Honduras on the move convinces more often than often – against a home-made Australia, it is obviously tricky. An expected match image is that the guests come to the game with a defensive approach, hoping to keep a 0-0 result as long as possible. It’s home team that has to push ahead in the game, which obviously opens up to fine contradictions. Should the guests in any way succeed in chocking the home team and taking the lead in the game, then the corner game should be in the port. Expects an Australia to take the command right from the start.
The 1X2 market does not offer any value, but I’m stuck for a high-profile corner line in the game. Australia over 5.5 corners is nailed to 1.70 times the money, and I have to take a stand. Solved four corners on the first floor – at home in Sydney, you learn to solve at least six corners, relatively comfortable in addition. The horn game is definitely the same as the expected match image – an Australia with an offensive approach to a low-lying Honduras, which most likely teaches to take the game all the way to extension and then punish. At least good conditions.


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