Amiens vs Paris Saint Germain Betting Tips 04.05.2018


Amiens vs Paris Saint Germain Soccer Prediction Today

PSG is strong even when the game decreases, and more attention is announced than last round. Little Amiens was solid at (weak) Monaco, but has been lucky at home and has at least 1 significant absence; enough more. It has the Parisians too, but the squad is wide.

PSG is France’s richest club / best team. Superb winner of this season’s L1 (+ league). Training Emery alerts more concentration than against Guingamp.
In August, PSG (without Neymar) easily won 2-0 home over Amiens (chances of victory) and in January, in the league Cup, the Parisians won 2-0 in Amiens.
After championship came home (via 7-1 over Monaco 15/4): 7 points in 3 matches despite questionable play. Even when they call, the Parisians are dangerous.
Liganopscorer Cavani has not been on summer vacation; assisted against Bordeaux and scored both against Guingamp. Assist of right-back switch Meunier.
Stronger now (*), for example with Meunier, offspring Pastore, defends Marquinhos (saved) and midfielder Rabiot + Diarra, can be done.
Tuesday’s Cup final is in Paris against a 3rd division club. Seems affordable. What Amiens refers to: Relegation no longer a theme .
Amiens’ nice home goals score at 22-17 cheats. Despite the good organization, the team has the lowest finishing line of the ranks, with regard to their own tests and number of allowed .
The home team have a new absence: defense giant Gouano. Doubt: Leftback Dibassy, ​​Attacking Gakpé + Substitute Traoré (21/4) and Offender Mendoza .

Amiens got 0-0 at Monaco (No. 3), despite many attempts, got dangerous and only 1 within the goal frame (the monegas are still weak).
The Opruker team is well organized, has a strong goalkeeper in Gurtner and is 2-1-0 in the last 3 home matches (though weak resistance).
Perhaps some of the doubtful players will be ready for the home team.
After conquering the league Cup + championship, CL farewell, message of coach change this summer (and with the World Cup just around the corner), PSG has set the pace down.
Last two bad bets in a row, 1-0 victory in Bordeaux and 2-2 home against Guingamp, both matches that PSG deserved to lose .
The Parisians must play the cup final on Tuesday – that’s another reason not to take the Amiens assignment 100% seriously.
PSG still lacks creator Neymar (25/2) and distributor Verratti (31/3). New absence: The routine midfielder Silva + midfielder Draxler.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Amiens vs Paris Saint Germain

Against Guingamp, it was not all that was bad: Goalkeeper Areola, defenders Silva, Kimpembé and Kurzawa as well as attacker Cavani were ok or even good. Thus: poor midfield and offensive (except Cavani), in addition, rightback Alves made it bad. What now?
In the central defense, Silva is weak, but Marquinhos (last saved) and young Kimpembé (got a scrub at the latest but should be able to play) makes it typically excellent. With regard to the midfield: Rabi and Diarra resemble marked reinforcements. With regard to the fierce offensive man Di Maria: He may be replaced by the turning Pastore. Regardback: Reporter Meunier was replaced, did well and should have a good chance of getting the chance from start now. Note that Meunier right now is unpopular among PSG fans after committing the sacred crime to “like” a tifo picture from Velodrome, PSG archival Marseille’s home ground. But the aesthetic belgium apparently does not seem to go on.

After the point against Monaco, Amiens has 9 points down to the line (a 15 goal better goal difference). With 3 rounds left, you must be extremely pessimistic to fear relegation. However, a home game against PSG should still be able to motivate, and the right should be right: relegation was not really a theme up to the Monaco statement; Amiens was really saved and could play freely.
Amiens has 10.1 finishes and allows 13.4 per home game. Both numbers are the clearest of the ranks (second runner is 10.1 and 12.8). In terms of trials within the goal frame, it is slightly more nuanced: 3.1 own tries are the league’s poorest (second-bestest 3.8), but 4.5 are only third-thirds (Metz allows 5, Dijon 4.6).
In both matches, the opponent had many more attempts, also dangerous of the kind. And against Guingamp, PSG was allowed to return to the game (the Bretons led 2-0) because the referee was corrupt / blind and sentenced a penalty, although the offense was clearly outside the field.

Prediction Today: Paris Saint Germain wins

Odds: 1.30



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