Alianza Lima vs Palmeiras Betting Tips 03.05.2018


Alianza Lima vs Palmeiras Soccer Prediction Today

Alianza Lima

Is very difficult. A very improbable mathematical combination, coupled with the two victories to be won in these final rounds, would allow the Alianza to qualify for the eighth finals of the Libertadores. No one at the club works upon this possibility.
Being worthy of winning points here is what’s really left for the Alliance. The atmosphere at the club is quite difficult this season. The Alianza have been defeated in four of their last five games. The fans are asking for the departure of coach Pablo Bengoechea from the club. The main efficiency of his game today was one of his greatest virtues in recent years: the offensive part. The Alianza have not scored goals in four of their last six games. Complicated. At home, by leaps and bounds, Alianza still manages to have good results. The team goes in search of dignity here.
Coach Pablo Bengoechea should climb his best base for this duel.


The Palmeiras campaign in this Libertadores is extremely commendable and surprising. With two rounds to the end of the group stage, Palmeiras already arrives at this confrontation being classified for the octaves of finals. For you in these final rounds, keep scoring to see future advantages in the kills.
Why the campaign is amazing? Because its results and even some performances here were better than the base practiced throughout the year. In the current stretch, for example, the invincibility is five games, but the same is based on ties. As a compliment, the defensive consistency in their performances. Palmeiras has been there for three games without conceding goals. Your visitor numbers border on brilliance.
Coach Roger Machado will save half the points for this game.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Alianza Lima vs Palmeiras

A game of difficult bet. The home team, despite the speech of still believing the fight for something, practically makes a friendly here. The visiting team is already classified, having no more to fight. There are minor reasons, which I do not consider so much here. Because of the offensive difficulties of the home team, the defensive consistency of the visiting team, the chances of having a game with little brilliance, without so many emotions, with few goals coming to pass, seems clearer to me.

Prediction Today: Less than 3.5 Goals

Odds: 1.37


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